SHAMANIC HEALING PRACTICE Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex 

My Story

My name is Rachel Streeter and I am a Shamanic Healing Practitioner and intuitive empath.
I have always been guided by spirit and observed psychic communications from those that have passed on, but it was only when I started on my Shamanic path that I truly understood the abundance of sacred teachings and spiritual support we have access to once we begin to understand our abilities as human beings and how we can be of service in this world.
There is much healing to be received and sacred teachings to learn about the paths we walk in this life and of the many lives our ancestors have walked before us. 
Sometimes we have to be completely broken before we witness clear insight and truly transcend in our life, and if we are fortunate, we may even witness a glimpse of the beauty that lays beyond the veil. 

My life is an ongoing lesson and I am honoured to share the wisdom of the medicine wheel and high vibrational healing and rebirth with those that are guided to me. 

Rachel Streeter Qualifications

Shamanic house clearing training program 2019
Advanced level Shamanic Practice 2019
Foundation Level Shamanic Practice 2018

Diploma Therapeutic Hypnotherapy 2009
Reiki Practitioner, first and second Degree 2007
Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling 2007
Professional Mental health Foundation training 2005


Rachel Streeter beach

Have you ever felt you were drawn to Shamanism or any other spiritual path?
This path can truly open your eyes to the vastness and beauty of our energetic planet and our abilities to expand our consciousness and create a real connection to our higher self and spirit. Its amazing to know that the spiritual support we have at our finger tips is infinite and unconditional if we posses the will to receive it.
Through Shamanism we can rebuild bridges with ancient traditions, connect with the powers of mother earth, restore harmony and change lives. It is only through unlocking these abilities and embracing spiritual support that we can really benefit beyond all consciousness.

Rachel Streeter beach

 If you have already experienced Shamanic healing, or are new to the practice, Rachel is honoured to offer you this incredible life changing support.

Harmony cottage

Maybe you feel you have exhausted other types of therapy or treatments and are keen to try an alternative route to overcoming current negativity and pain.
Shamanic healing can help a wide range of issues from, physical, emotional, spiritual or any other area which could be holding you back from true happiness and your authentic self.