Earthbound spirit


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At Sacred stones we feel very strongly that a trapped or lost soul needs to be handled with care and respect.


Sacred Stones Shamanic Practitioners have been training in all aspects of shamanic healing work including advance levels of cleansing and clearing of homes and lands where earthbound spirits are trapped or stuck.


There are many movies and documentaries that depict ghosts as demonic, scary and uninvited entities that take over our bodies, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually, a very small percentage of spirit activity is negative or demonic and the fear we feel when being exposed to them is mostly because we don’t understand what they are or what their intentions are.

After all, any spirits that are still here with us were once walking and talking with us also. They were someone’s brother or sister, mother or father, daughter or son. Sometimes they do not even know they have passed away as the fate could have been sudden and unexpected. Also, there is no sense of time when a person has passed so 10 years could feel like 5 minutes to them.

So you can imagine how confusing and shocking it must be for them to be met with utter horror from us when they attempt to make contact or reach out for help?


Healing & rebalancing

Its important to know that the transition after death is not always as simple as we hope.

It very much depends on our beliefs, intentions and the situation we find ourselves in when were alive. Sometimes the spirit of a person remains with us because of its ties to another person still living. Perhaps the very thought of leaving a loved one behind is too much to endure so they choose to remain and become stuck. Sometimes it’s the land they struggle to leave behind. Have you ever been somewhere or lived in a place that felt like heaven? And the very idea of leaving or living somewhere else feels you with dread. These feelings can manifest in such a strong way that a person can find that they become bound to that place forever.

I have had many experiences of children coming to me for help also which has been particularly saddening because in my mind, all children are so innocent and should always feel safe and protected. I haven’t got the answers for everything, so I don’t know why children get caught up in these unfortunate situations. All I can do is be there to help when called so that they can be assisted in the next and very important stage of releasement and re-connection to their nearest and dearest on the other side.

When our Shamanic team is asked to investigate a property there will be various stages to cover which can take many hours, so its best for the whole day or evening to be put aside so this sacred work is not rushed and can be fully completed. 

Cost - £150



Stage 1. Brief outline of situation from client

Stage 2. Prayers, drumming, smudging and intuitive investigation process

Stage 3. Vortex and gateway detection work and closure

Stage 4. Energy, spirit detection work, communication and analysis

Stage 5. Karmic healing detection work

Stage 6. Clearing and releasing of spirit/entity presence

Stage 7. Use of paranormal equipment to back up findings and record evidence for client/s

Stage 8. Healing and rebalancing of home and land

Stage 9. Shamanic clearing and healing of heavy/negative connections and cording’s for client/s

Stage 10. Shamanic cleansing of space with smudge, prayer, drumming and song to rebalance