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You are not expected to know what it is that you need as a client in order to book a session. The information below is simply a guide and an opportunity to learn the diversity of Shamanic treatments and how transformative they can be.
The nature of Shamanic healing means that the work is often very spontaneous and sometimes unpredictable. Therefore the Practitioner may not always know how to assist the client until he/she 'tunes in' on an energetic level. The Practitioner will then be able to hear, see and feel more clearly what is needed for the client in order to make positive life changes.


(Healing for physical, emotional, mental or spiritual purposes)

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Soul Retrieval 

Soul retrieval is an ancient practice that shamans use in order to bring an individual who is suffering from soul loss back to wholeness.
Soul retrieval involves a journey to a different energetic world to attempt to find, communicate & reconnect the soul part with the physical body.

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Geopathic stress detection

Sleeping or spending a lot of time in geopathic stress zones can seriously affect our health, performance and wellbeing.
At Shamanic Stones we have the knowledge and tools to test for these stress lines and give immediate feedback.

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Home & land healing 

It is the job of the Shaman to ‘put right’ what negativity may dwell there & heal the space, allowing for a more natural flow of energy & a lighter environment for healthy relationships to grow, creative blocks to clear & careers to prosper & flourish.
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Energy Extraction Work

Through the support of the drum, the shaman will enter into a shamanic journey to extract & remove any harmful energies from the body by performing a Shamanic Extraction technique.

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Ancestral & Karmic Healing

The Shaman knows how to communicate with your genetic consciousness or ancestors & is then able to facilitate the healing of issues which emerge.
In the ancestral healing journey, you will have the opportunity to heal your ancestral line from past to present.

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Remote Healing

During the healing session you will feel energy shifting in your body, you may also feel very relaxed or go into a deep sleep as your unconscious is changing & becoming receptive to energy work that is taking place. In a long distance healing, a shamanic healer will journey to where you are & perform a healing on you, similar to if you were right there with them in physical form. 

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Earthbound Spirit Releasement  

Sacred Stones Shamanic Practitioners have been training in all aspects of shamanic healing work including advance levels of cleansing and clearing of homes and lands where spirits are trapped or stuck.

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Individual Healing Session

Traumas leave energetically imprints and if left unhealed or untreated can develop into a chronic emotional, mental or physical conditions.

In this case, Shamanic healing can be extremely effective.