SHAMANIC HEALING PRACTICE Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex 

Watch how Rachel prepares her hides to make the drums

Snowy Forest


Rachel Streeter lives in an area of East Sussex that is full of wild deer and sadly many of them are killed on the roads each year.

She feels very strongly that the deer is a sacred animal who should never die in vain, which is why she honours the spirit of the animal by using their hide to craft these unique traditional drums. Rachel also likes to use beautiful stones, crystals and the deer antlers to form beautiful handles.

Each drum has been carefully prepared over a week long process, cleansed with sage and and blessed as part of a sacred gratitude ceremony.

Each drum becomes a medicine tool and personal guide for their owner, bringing healing, wisdom and transformation.

Customers must appreciate that each hide is unique in its own way so no drum will ever be identical, however Rachel will endeavour to match your chosen design with the greatest intention.

Different crystals and gems can be used for the drums handles, so if you have one in mind or would like to use your own personal stone please let Rachel know. 

Once you have decided on your drum, email us and we will invoice you and aim to create your drum and post off to you within 4-6 weeks.

16 inch - £250

12 inch - £220

Free with each drum purchase


Home made padded feux suede bags available for £35

Take a look at some of Rachel's drums
in this short video